10 Things

by SkiM

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SkiM's second EP! Inspired by the words of poet Ted Berrigan, Angela Davis, biking, lottery tickets found on the ground that are actually winning lottery tickets, George Washington, Kurt Vonnegut, Malcolm X, Morton Feldman, Cafe Nero in JP with their fake fireplace, and parents. <3


released September 29, 2015


A thousand thanks to Joe Musacchia for his recording and mastering prowess. Have him record you! And Kody/Sonny's downstairs neighbors for not blasting music during our recording session.



all rights reserved


SkiM Boston, Massachusetts

Pasteurized with the goodest of tidings. We like to sing songs and play them for you.

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Track Name: Angela
Angela, my michelle
oh ma belle, ma belle
I don't care to see them
just a few will do

Chocolate coat, frosting dress
just a few will do
ideal sounds in the air
is it here or there?

oh the hush
and the stillness
as it brushes your left hand
Track Name: Oh George
Kilgore Trout hitchhiking through Philadelphia
Whitman bridge
Cross over the River Delaware
Thank you Washington
Merry Christmas, ha!

And so it, and so it goes
From valor to diesel steam

I-93 blocks Southie from their ocean view
Track Name: 10 Things
10 things I do I do every day
make some friends and go away
read some poems and hunker down
it's not enough, it's not enough

The weather's so pretty it hurts my face
in praise of thee, i stare into space
her shadow is mimicking a shadow-like vase
it's not enough, it's not enough

10 things I do I do everyday
make some friends and go away
if the weather is pretty then maybe i'll play
it's not enough, it's not enough

Sipping chai I gentify
cannot help but wonder why
the fire is fake but warms me still
it's not enough, it's not enough

how many angels are on this tree
or bearded men that are in pain
a 17 year old can dream
what is enough?

stumbling on to better days
my jeans will rip in several ways
around the back and on the knees
what is enough?

10 things that i do every day
make some friends and go away
life goes by quite merrily
it is enough
Track Name: Ride My Bike
why don't we family?
Teddy B speaks to me
poetry, blundering
pushed around by jet stream

chocolate milk dressed in silk
let my hand press gently
April is time for spring
ride my bike no snowing!

Words for love

brittleness of my teeth
i wanna love you baby
3:15, marry me
what am i saying?

I am proud, not un-cowed
but still I'm sometimes weary
actually more than not
but i swear I'm working
Track Name: Morty and Malcolm
did you ever step in harlem?
or avoid it like a raining tuesday
galleries and parties for you
Noble or be got?

did you ever step in the met?
or read morty's name even once?
maybe across the street
treading february sleet
Track Name: Cheekbone
Cigarettes ashing on the pavement
Begging for more than hi and hello
The rag man wants to be left alone
so does she scowling at me

Forgo steam
let the heat play me
like a stones cd
Spiraling, blood redding
emitting a glowing green

Lottery scratches and a broken nip of patron
pick one up to see if they've missed a row
The rag man wants to be left alone
so does she scowling at me